Walking Around the Castle – Walking Around the Gap

I posted three photographs in the last blog entry.  I hoped they’d illustrate that when you live in a place for a length of time, you begin to see depth and nuance you don’t see when you just pass through.  I compared that to practicing silent prayer over a period of time: you won’t reap centering prayer’s greatest jewels by rushing the issue.  The richness of the practice comes through persistently returning to that “place.”

Chuck Summers, a long-time friend of mine, and a professional photographer with three published volumes under his belt, wrote to agree with me.  He said that he’d found my insights to be true in his nature photography.  I asked him to send me a couple of photographs and he graciously did so.  Here are two images, both of which Chuck was able to capture because he lived near the area and returned to those spots repeatedly.  You can view more of Chuck’s work, and enjoy his own reflections about “seeing creation” at his blog, http://www.seeingcreation.com/.

Cumberland Falls, taken by Chuck Summers

Cumberland Falls, taken by Chuck Summers

The Cumberland Gap, taken by Chuck Summers.

The Cumberland Gap, taken by Chuck Summers.

About Drexel Rayford

Drexel has been senior pastor of four churches in Kentucky and Virginia, a psychiatric ward chaplain, denominational bureaucrat, and an erstwhile indie singer/songwriter/story-teller and seeker of authentic human vocation. Currently, Drexel is working at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center in the capacity of The Support Team Network manager, a hospital-based community partnership aimed at nurturing healing communities for discharged patients. He loves kayaking, road cycling, hiking, and all kinds of photography, but he loves his wife Vicki and blended family of three adult children more. He holds a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Religion and a pastoral counseling certificate from the University of Louisville, Department of Psychiatry.
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